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Ptsolutions offers face-to-face appointments for therapy in Lincoln and online to support those nationally. We are a group of skilled clinical psychologists and EMDR therapists that work directly with adults and young people struggling with mental health problems such as trauma, anxiety, depression or feelings of being overwhelmed. 

PTSD and Trauma Therapy Lincoln and Nationally (online)

Our service specialises predominantly in Trauma (e.g., military/combat, road traffic collisions, childhood abuse, work related accidents) or from living in adverse conditions (e.g., parents with drug or alcohol problems or mental health problems, or from observing domestic violence.  Some people experience anxiety, depression, a loss of sense of self or other mental health conditions but can’t always relate it to something specific but they just know it feels problematic.

Our primary aim is to help make sense of your symptoms and provide support strategies to reduce distress and improve your overall wellbeing

Finding the Right Therapist

We offer a quick and easy free telephone consultation to see if our therapy service is right for you. Your mental health is important so if our service is not the right one for you we will try and signpost you to the most appropriate therapist or service.

EMDR and Trauma Therapy

If after the consultation, you wish to take up our services, the psychologist who best fits your needs will be allocated and a date and time offered.  After this you will receive an email from our practice coordinator containing paperwork to complete prior to the session.  This means you don’t waste time filling in paperwork at the assessment session.

Trauma Therapy that Creates a Postive Change

Our primary aim is to make sense of your distress/symptoms and offer the most effective therapy. During our assessment we hope that you will find the therapeutic process both challenging and rewarding.  Our therapists start the assessment session by undertaking a life history identifying key areas of your life which are currently impacting on you.  This session takes approximately 90 minutes, but sometimes additional assessment sessions are required especially where the trauma may be complex in nature.

Understanding Your Therapy Treatment Plan

After the assessment session, you can discuss the frequency and duration of future treatment sessions with your therapist. Furthermore, we can flexibly plan these therapy sessions, so they do not interfere with your life commitments. Treatment sessions are usually 60 minutes. However, there is some very good evidence that 90-minute sessions maybe helpful for those undertaking EMDR with a therapist.

Is Therapy Right For You?

If you have any questions, our highly experienced therapists will be  happy to answer them, but you may find it helpful to explore the documents on “do I need therapy?” and “how to get the most out of therapy?

Areas of Experience and Expertise

Trauma therapy and PTSD treatment available face to face in Lincoln or online


Our primary aim is to help make sense of your symptoms and provide support strategies to reduce distress and improve your overall wellbeing

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